Teaching Abroad in Qatar

In February 2012, I traveled to San Francisco with a friend to apply for teaching jobs abroad. She had her mind set on Spain and I had my eyes on Paris or London. Unfortunately, these places couldn't hire us until we had two years of teaching experience under our belts. At this point, we were still in school and wouldn't graduate until May 2012. We had no choice but to be open to other areas of the world, and it just so happened that the Middle East was recruiting teachers regardless of their experience. We both interviewed with the English Modern School in Doha, Qatar. To our surprise, we both came out of the interviews with job offers! My friend was hired to teach 2nd grade, and I was hired to teach 3rd grade. Although we were hesitant to move to the Middle East, we felt much better knowing we could go together and our research showed that Doha was on the more westernized side of things, not unlike Dubai. Ultimately, we decided to accept these positions and went home with a plan to move to the Middle East in August 2012.

On August 22, 2012 my friend and I said goodbye to our families and settled in for the near 14-hour plane ride to Qatar. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we were excited about it!

Below you'll find a gallery of some of my favorite photos from my time in Qatar. Enjoy! (Hover over each image for descriptions)